Materials Research Center (MRC) was founded by Prof. Selvasekarpandian in June 2012. In June 2013, MRC was taken over by Subramanian - Thangathai Educational Trust, founded by Prof. Selvasekarapandian in the name of his parents and registered with Government of Tamil Nadu. The aim of the center is to motivate youngsters to develop devices for energy. Batteries is one of the energy devices which has gained importance in the development of Lithium-ion battery. The center involves itself in the development of electrolyte membrane for Lithium, Sodium, Magnesium, Zinc and Proton Battery and PEM Fuel cell. Different electrolyte membranes are developed using Synthetic polymer & Biopolymer. Recently, an attempt has been made to develop electrolyte membrane using Biomaterials such as leaves, flowers and seeds. Six patents have been filed for the development of electrolyte membranes using Biomaterial. The center has so far published more than 100 papers in leading International Journals with good Impact Factor. It has helped 28 College faculty and Research Scholars to complete their PhD on time. At present, 20 Research Scholars are being trained in making different types of batteries and PEM Fuel cell.

Subramanian - Thangathai Educational Trust